What Can I Expect?

A Typical Client Journey

Peter (not his real name) suffered with depression and anxiety, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This was, he thought, related to his stressful job in frontline blue light services.

He would find it difficult to engage with friends and family, those closest to him, would be snappy and short at work and at home, with feelings that he wasn’t good enough.

He wouldn’t sleep well, meaning that any issues that arose during the course of his daily life would circulate around his head and things would build up and build up, until the inevitable “pop”.

Peter had heard about hypnotherapy, but wasn’t really sure what it entailed. He had seen those programmes on the television where someone was hypnotised to think that they were Elvis, or to dance sensually with a broom, but he had also read that Hypnosis is a very powerful way of helping people to change their habits and feelings to feel better.

Peter booked three sessions, spread over a month.

Following the conclusion of the first session, Peter already felt a vast improvement. Although he had assumed that his stress, anxiety and PTSD was due to his job, it was actually clear to him now that having grown up in a violent home, with no safe place, and having to act as a carer and protector to his younger sister whilst growing up, because both of his parents were chronic alcoholics, that this had made him more prone to anxiety and PTSD in later life. It had also made him fiercely protective.

The majority of this was resolved using the BLAST technique in the first session, and her was given a recording to listen to at night, which meant that he slept better.

Better sleep meant continual improvement, and Peter, with the aid of BLAST and hypnotherapy finished the third session a completely different person to the one who had initially nervously turned up for the first one. He had reconnected with his partner and children, and also friends. He was doing things that he enjoyed, like going out walking and out on his motorbike, and he was drinking less alcohol and feeling much better. He could see the joy and positives in every situation, and really rediscovered his love for life and family.

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