Hypnotherapy and BLAST


Hypnotherapy and BLAST

We use Hypnotherapy in combination with the elegant and ultra powerful BLAST technique, as well as other tools to get you feeling better quickly and efficiently, with permanent and lasting results.

Each client gets a bespoke MP3 to listen to, which really supercharges their results, and trains the mind to really skyrocket to success.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, anxiety, the effects of trauma and PTSD – reconnect with your loved ones, start enjoying life again, don’t sweat the small stuff, and just feel AMAZING!

Sessions are priced at £100 each or £250 for three, and are either in person or online.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is it, and is it right for you?

Hypnosis in the way that I use it is a lovely, relaxed state, where we speak together to your unconscious/subconscious mind (that controls at least 95% of your behaviours) to make powerful suggestions for positive change.  People love the way it helps them feel relaxed, energised, positive, and feeling fabulous.

Powerful changes can be made virtually instantly using hypnosis and powerful affirmations for change – say hello to your new life today!

What it isn’t?

  • Mind control
  • Stage Hypnosis
  • Importantly - you are ALWAYS in control during your therapeutic transformational journey!


BLAST is a way of rebalancing the brain to resolve trauma, and is an EMDR based technique – however MUCH faster and more effective.

BLAST is a series of eye movements used to artificially process the “thing” through, between the right (emotional) and left (logical) side of the brain. It is a very elegant technique that helps clients to find that fresh perspective and a way of reframing the issue so that it no longer affects them in the same way that it did.

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Reconnect with Life

The result of using both of these powerful techniques together is an irresistible combination of a surge in self belief, positive thoughts, energy and motivation.

You will feel reconnected with life, with your family and friends, you will sleep better, eat better, and be an absolutely new and improved version of yourself.

Client data is held and handled in accordance with data protection legislation, and I am registered with the Information Commisioners Office, so you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

Any clients seen are expected to have discussed hypnotherapy with their doctor/GP as appropriate.

Call, message or email today to start your new life, and see how Brilliant, how Resilient, how BRASILIENT!- you can become!