About Brasilient

At Brasilient, I specialise in using Hypnotherapy and other techniques to quickly help you to resolve trauma, issues from childhood, anxiety, stress, to become that amazing, Brilliant and Resilient person that you already are – you just didn’t realise it!

Brasilient was born after life changing experiences in the beautiful country of Brazil.

Whilst over there and experiencing that place and it’s beautiful culture and amazing people, it dawned on me that we are all at the mercy of our thoughts, which create our lives. Change your thoughts, and you change your life – and this is exactly what we will do together, in double-quick time!

At Brasilient, sessions are not the run of the mill “1 hour and you’re out” – I like to do things a little differently......

We will take as long as you need to get to the root of your issues, whatever those may be, and using some really great (and fast!) techniques, help you to feel better as quickly as possible!  You get an MP3 to listen to, following the sessions, as well as “homework” which really supercharges the amazing transformation.

Oh, and I do make a jolly good cup of tea......

Each and every client leaves feeling supercharged – super brilliant, super resilient – Brasilient!!